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Homemade Sugar Hand Scrub Recipe with Lemon Essential Oil

May 10

The coming of the cold season means for many of us, among other things, the appearance of dry and dull skin. Cold temperatures, wind, and high humidity affect our skin, the face and hands being most exposed to these unpleasant conditions. While most people take good care of their faces, their hands are being disregarded. They end up being dry and feeling rough, even triggering that tight-skin effect, like our skin got one size smaller and doesn’t fit our hands any longer. These are all the symptoms caused by dry skin during the cold season. To avoid this from happening, take better care of your hands with the help of simple yet effective homemade remedies.

Homemade Sugar Hand Scrub Recipe with Lemon Essential Oil

You don’t need to spend a small fortune on expensive scrubs when you can easily prepare sugar scrubs at home. Everyone has sugar in their pantry, so making a sugar scrub is a fast and easy process. Sugar scrubs are extremely effective in removing dry skin cells and massaging the surface of the skin due to their granular texture. By gently massaging a sugar scrub, with circular movements, on your skin, you will remove the layer of dead and dull skin cells, revealing the healthy skin cells underneath. Thus, sugar scrubs are highly recommended in the case of dull skin, as it has rejuvenating and brightening properties.

Sugar scrubs are a great way to enjoy softer and smoother skin

The best part is that you can use sugar scrubs not just for your hands, but also for your entire body. You can easily enjoy a baby-like skin if you use a sugar scrub when you shower. It is also worth knowing that sugar scrubs can help release ingrown hairs, which are unaesthetic and can be also very unpleasant. As you can see, sugar scrubs not only help obtain a softer skin but will also make sure you can remove all hair evenly from your body, avoiding the issues triggered by ingrown hairs. However, even with all these benefits, you shouldn’t use a scrub too often, as it can create discomfort and irritations. Once a week is more than enough to have a supple, healthy, soft, and glowing skin.

Lemon essential oil for a healthier skin

When preparing a sugar scrub, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture and enjoy the benefits provided by that oil. This time, we will talk about lemon essential oil and its set of advantages. Lemon essential oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which is just what you need to prevent pollution and free-radicals from harming your skin. It is also a natural antiseptic and antifungal agent, making sure no harmful bacteria or fungi affect your skin in any way.

However, the lemon essential oil can help your health and wellbeing in very many other ways. When inhaled, it can reduce stress, relieves your respiratory tract, keeps the common cold at bay, and rejuvenates your senses. Thus, inevitably, when you use this essential oil on your skin, through scrubs and other homemade skincare products, you’ll get much more than a soft and healthy skin.

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