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3 Best Lash Extensions For Hooded Eyes

Jun 4

What lash extensions are best for hooded eyes

Our eyelash techs say the most suitable lash extensions for hooded eyes are M Curl Lashes, L Curl Lashes, and L+ Curl Lashes. It creates an illusion of depth in the eyes to make a stunning appearance. 

What are these lashes? This article will talk more about it and more about hooded eyes. We will also recommend the best lash extensions for different eye types as a bonus.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes happen when the excess skin folds down from the brow line. It is evident primarily toward the outer edge of the eye, where the eyebrow tapers toward the temple. As a result, the upper eyelids appear smaller, and the lower ones look folded under the base part of the eye. 

Characteristics Of Hooded Eyes

Most people with hooded eyes have deep-set creases and large eyebrow bones. When hooded eyes are open, the eyelid is not generally visible and retracts into the crease. As you age, your eyelid space diminishes, taking on a hooded appearance.

People often associate it with aging, but it can also be due to genetics. While some people think of it as a flaw, there are still ways to look stunning. How? You guessed it right, through lash extensions. But we'll talk more about it in a while.

What Lash Extensions Are Best For Hooded Eyes?

Since hooded eyes possess an additional layer of skin between the eyelids' crease, what lash extensions are best for it? The best extensions for hooded eyes are those that extend beyond the hood of your eye before they start curling. As mentioned, L, L+, and M curls can give it to you.

It is crucial to choose lashes that create an illusion of depth in your eyes. It makes a stunning appearance even without makeup. These kinds of lash extensions will have an impact on the eyes. 

Let's look at the characteristics such as L, L+, and M curls, which make them the ideal choice for those with hooded eyelashes.

M Curl Lash Extensions

M Curl Lash Extensions have straight in their base, similar to those with L+ and the L curls. The only distinction between M and L curls is that they feature smoother transitions from their middle section to the top. 

M curl lash extensions become straighter as it progresses towards the tip. However, it does not have the extreme curls of C curls. Overall, M Curls fit well with hooded eyes because it covers and lifts the down-turned and droopy parts of the eyes.

L Curl Lash Extensions

L Curl Lash Extensions are among the most popular options for those who have hooded eyes. The flat and straight bases provide a strong connection between the natural eyelashes and the extensions.

This kind of lash extension is excellent for those who have hooded and droopy eyes. It will increase the brightness and bring them out. If you have hooded eyes and are looking for an edgy look can choose the option of an L curl. It does an excellent job giving hooded eyes a nice lift.

L+ Curl Lash Extensions

L+ Curl Lash Extensions or LD curls come with a straight and flat base but have extreme curls at the tip, like those in D curls. The straight base is helpful for people who have hooded eyes. It allows the extensions to stand out more clearly. Thus, it becomes more noticeable.

What Lash Extensions Are Not Suitable For Hooded Eyes?

Avoid extensions for lashes with extreme curls, such as in the case of C and D curls. The “curly” curls at the end of these extensions can't blend into eyelids. As a result, it can lead to the appearance of a fake appearance and discomfort for the client.

Final Words

M Curl Lashes, M Curl Lashes, and L+ Curl Lashes are the best lash extensions for hooded eyes. It gives the eyes the perception of depth, giving them a gorgeous appearance.

For every eye type, there's a corresponding lash extension. Consult with your lash extension expert if you don't know what kind of lash to put in your eyes. 


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