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Designing Polo Shirts

Aug 9

Design a Polo Shirt in Singapore

Polo shirts are typically composed of knitted cotton, not weaving cloth, typically it is a pique knit or more rarely, an interlock knit, or other fibers, such as silk, synthetic fibers, merino wool or mixtures of synthetic and natural fibers. A longer version that is dress-length that is referred to as the Polo dress.

When designing a shirt, you must consider the following elements :

1) Fabric weight It is measured by "grams per square meter"
220g of Jersey (heavy heavy)

2.) knit fabric or woven fabric 2) knit or woven fabric Jersey is a knit fabric used for the majority of clothing manufacturing.
The fabric may be extremely flexible, and is typically light in weight and is used to create T-shirts.
Jersey Knit can also be double knitted (interlock jersey).

Jersey fabrics are able to fall into these categories.

a) Single jersey
b) Double jersey
c) Interlock jersey
d) Jacquard jersey
e) Clocque jersey
f) Stretch jersey

3) style of shirt: Neckline or long sleeve,..etc

The classic Polo shirt is a bit longer, reaching the waistline.

4) Size range: sizes for women, men and kids
Mens sizes typically run in the range of XXS, XS S, M, XL and XXL. 5XL, XXXXL
Sizes for women typically include sizes of size 6 to 8 Size 10 Size 12 size 14 Size 16 size 18 Size 20 size 22, size 22.
Sizes for kids typically run from size 2, size 4 6 inches 8 10 size 12 Size 14, size 16.

5) measurements specifications - when you design a shirt , the measurements of the shirt are crucial.

The measurement of size covers all the areas of the shirt like the body length, width the neck line, shoulder to neck, under arm , and sleeves opening. The most frequently used measurement for designing an shirts is the chest measurement in half.

"half chest," also known as "half chest" is the measurement of the chest area of a t-shirt (armpit between armpit) when it is laid flat on the table.

6) the market that is targeted for the product - sports wear semi formal corporate wear, work wear, etc.

Customised Polo shirts

Customised Polo shirts became popular for sporting and team-based events during the 1960s. Since then, personalised Polo shirt are increasingly popular for small and large business usage where personal names are printed on the back or front of the t-shirt.

Personalised Polo shirt designs may require the incorporation of personal photos or names embroidered on the front
or the reverse or back. Since the introduction and popularity of "Digital printing" in the 1990s, personalized t-shirts have become more and more well-known.

Create your own Polo shirt

If you're looking to design the perfect shirt design for your party or other event, send us your specifications in full We can be your one stop shop for all of your personalized Polo shirt print "needs.At Aquaholic, it is possible to personalize your Polo shirt to suit your needs simply tell us your preferred color, the quantity you require of sizing, and email us your design, and let us know the deadline.

Aquaholic Gifts is the one-stop shop if you're looking to design your personal Polo shirts.

Custom Polos

Custom-designed polo shirts are ideal for specific needs like fundraisers, parties, and even marketing events.

There are six main elements that can determine the price of custom Polos :
1.) The color is the color of Polo. (it is less expensive for printing white on shirts rather than colored T-shirts)
2.) the number of colors within your image. (the greater the number of colours, you have, the higher price)
3) the amount. (the greater the quantity you print, the lower the price per unit.)
4.) how many spots of the shirt. (the higher the number of positions, the more expensive)
5.) Material for shirts (100 100 % cotton, 100% polymer or mix)
6) your desired size range (do you prefer children as well as adults or just adults)

Custom Polo printing

We have more than 30 years of experience in custom t-shirt decorating and printing processes including the process of printing direct-to-garment printing. Vinyl transfers sublimation and embroidery. We also offer labeling, bar code swing tags, and poly bag packing.

Since there are many factors involved in the process of decoration and distribution in order to provide you with a quote, I'll have to talk to you to discuss your specific requirements for printing and distribution.

Customized Polo shirts of various types Polo shirt printing

1) Screen printing
2) Transfers printed on screen
3) Digital ink
4) Digital Vinyl
5) Embroidery
6) sublimation

Certain images can be printed with digital printing others are best printed on a screen, while some require transfers, it dependent on the quantity needed when placing the ordering.

There are 6 major factors that determine the price for customized Polo shirt printing:

1.) The color that is printed on the Polo shirt. (it is less expensive for printing white on shirts rather than colored T-shirts)
2.) the number of colors in your photo. (the more colors, you have, the higher price)
3.) the amount. (the greater the quantity you print, the less expensive the unit cost)
4.) The number places in the shirt. (the more positions , the more expensive)
5.) Material for shirts (100 100 % cotton, 100% blended with polyester)
6) your desired size range (do you want children and adults, or just adults)