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Qualified Graduate Gemmologists - Adamastar

Sep 9

Adamastar; know diamonds and are passionate about them. We have spent a lifetime looking at diamonds and understanding them. We want our clients to be fully informed about all aspects of diamonds and our knowledge can help cut through the technical maze of information. There is no other consumer product in the market that has the level of detailed scrutiny that diamonds are subjected to, including minute detailed grading, and measuring that a diamond is expected to meet to conform to market expectations. We are qualified Graduate Gemmologists with decades of experience in grading and valuing diamonds to GIA’s (Gemological Institute of America) high grading standards and we are ideally placed to make sure that the reports which come with the Lab Grown Diamonds we sell are accurate and do match GIA grading criteria. That coupled with our desire to make our clients happy, leaving no detail too small to satisfy our client with their requests for a dream ring. We never accept second best. Our craftsmen are the best around and we guarantee all workmanship. By matching quality mounts with lab grown diamonds we have the best jewellery available as there is nothing to compare with the high standards of lab grown diamonds which are the future on so many levels from price to environmentally sustainable and ethics, no chance of blood diamonds.

Adamastar Ltd
Atrium on Tukutai, Generator Offices 11, Britomart Place, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010
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